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Business seats

Business seats provide your company with the necessary flexibility and luxury during your visit to the opera, within a defined budget. Depending on the size of the group, we always try to find seats so you can sit together. We always provide a tailor-made programme, ranging from a relaxing opera visit with the necessary drinks and snacks, to a meeting with cast and crew during the première party. Business seats are already available from € 120 per person.

Inge Ann Vekeman / 03 202 10 11 of 09 268 10 11 / business@vlaamseopera.be

Guided tours

A visit to Flanders Opera is an ideal company excursion. Both in Antwerp and Ghent you are able to take a look behind the scenes of our beautiful buildings and find out how an opera is made from concept to performance. You will also learn more about the history and operation of one of Flanders' biggest cultural institutions: an organisation with more than 250 employees with permanent contracts. 


Maximum 25 personen per gids.
Duur: +- 1,5 uur.

Guided tours on request are open to groups of maximum 25 people per guide and take about an hour and a half. Please take into account that your request for a group tour needs to fit in the planning of our opera house, and this varies greatly. Contact the box office by telephone at 070 22 02 02. A request does not guarantee that the tour is definite, but we will send you a confirmation. Book your guided group tour well in advance to be certain of a good date. 

Sponsoren en adverteren

Flanders Opera releases several printed publications every year which reach a wide culture-loving audience. Find out what the different advertising possibilities are. Businesses can express their appreciation for the opera by entering into a partnership with Flanders Opera. Find out what the different sponsoring and partnership possibilities are.

Inge Ann Vekeman / 03 202 10 11 of 09 268 10 11 / business@vlaamseopera.be

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