The solitude of the hedgehog

  • Copyright Lodewijk Joye
  • Copyright Kurt Van der Elst


The solitude of the hedgehog

Dick van der Harst (1959)

From 15/05/2013 in Ghent

  • Director: Raven Ruëll
  • Zang (mezzosopraan): Els Mondelaers
  • Actress: Sophie Warnant
  • Musical performance: Oxalys Ensemble

LOD / Musical theatre for young and old, after Toon Tellegen

The solitude of the hedgehog is very special. In the first place because it is the hedgehog’s choice. He keeps himself busy, largely only to ensure that he is even more solitary. He lies awake at night thinking up new strategies. On his birthday he makes it clear that he does not wish to see anyone.

LOD’s creation of The solitude of the hedgehog is based on a captivating work by Toon Tellegen. A production for the larger stage and for children.


Following his successful collaboration with the late Eric De Volder in such impressive performances such as Diep in het bos and Achter ‘t eten, composer Dick van der Harst is back in the theatre.

Director Raven Ruëll, known for his KVS productions of Het Leven en de Werken van Leopold II and Missie, has previously produced work for children such as Jan, mijn vriend and Stoksielalleen (Bronx), a production that won the 1000 Watt Prize.

  • Director
    Raven Ruëll
  • Set design
    Leo de Nijs
  • Lightning
    Johan Vonk
  • Dramaturgy
    Alex Mallems
  • Video
    Peter Monsaert
  • Text
    Toon Tellegen
  • Music
    Dick van der Harst
  • Zang (mezzosopraan)
    Els Mondelaers
  • Actress
    Sophie Warnant
  • Musical performance
    Oxalys Ensemble