Als je slaapt (3+)

  • Copyright Marjolein Craens
  • Copyright Marjolein Craens
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  • Copyright Manuel Mendoza


Als je slaapt (3+)

From 20/09/2013 in Ghent - from 22/09/2013 in Antwerp

  • Regie: Maja Jantar
  • Choreografie: Maya Sapera
  • Kostuum: Veerle Van den Wouwer
  • Decor: Ivan Munro / Maja Jantar
  • Licht: Seppe Leemans
  • Soprano: Chia-Fen Wu

Opera lullabies

Sometimes you can’t sleep. Because your teddy bear keeps you awake or because it’s dark. Because of a peculiar sound, or the ghost under your bed. Then it’s a good thing mama or papa is there to sing you a lullaby. They sing about lambs and clouds and so rock you to sleep. Even the greatest opera composers tried their hand at lullabies. We have selected the loveliest melodies by Handel, Monteverdi, Mozart and Puccini for this concert, the first one where you’re allowed to fall asleep, doze and even snore. Come in your pyjamas, and bring teddy too.


Tickets from € 5.00 to € 6.00


  • Regie
    Maja Jantar
  • Choreografie
    Maya Sapera
  • Kostuum
    Veerle Van den Wouwer
  • Decor
    Ivan Munro
  • Maja Jantar
  • Licht
    Seppe Leemans
  • Soprano
  • Gamba
    Dirk Moelants
  • Klavecimbel, fluit
    Dimos De Beun



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