Grietje the witch (8+)

  • Copyright Vlaamse Opera / Annemie Augustijns


Grietje the witch (8+)

From 10/01/2014 in Antwerp - from 24/01/2014 in Ghent

  • Compositie: Filip Martens
  • Regie & libretto: Luc Frans
  • Vormgeving: Ilse Roman
  • Soprano: Irène Carpentier
  • Mezzo-soprano: Ineke De Vylder
  • Bariton: Joris Derder

Musical fairytale

Once upon a time there was a... choice. A difficult choice. Return to one’s poor parents or stay with the fun-filled witch? Sweeping or flying with the broom? Living with or without a brother? Football or magic? Become a witch or just be Grietje? Grietje the witch is provocative musical theatre that raises big questions and aims to give surprising answers. In a forest somewhere on the boundary between opera and musical, Grietje, Hans and the Witch sing their very original way through their own fairytale, looking for that terribly elusive ‘happily ever after’.


Tickets from € 5.00 to € 10.00


  • Compositie
    Filip Martens
  • Regie & libretto
    Luc Frans
  • Vormgeving
    Ilse Roman
  • Soprano
    Irène Carpentier
  • Mezzo-soprano
    Ineke De Vylder
  • Bariton
    Joris Derder
  • Belichting
    Jeroen Doise
  • Percussie
    Carlo Willems
  • Piano
    Filip Martens



Grietje de Heks trailer