Historic Children’s Ball (6+)

  • Copyright Frankie Goethals
  • Copyright Frankie Goethals


Historic Children’s Ball (6+)

18/01/2014 in Antwerp - 19/01/2014 in Ghent

  • Dansmeester: Lieven Baert

Get dancing

Children are in charge at the Historic Children’s Ball in both Ghent and Antwerp. Taking its lead from the New Year Ball for adults, children too can now learn to dance to the old tunes of yesteryear. Stately pavanes, lively saltarelli, elegant waltzes and stirring marches: they all turn up one by one. Uncomplicated dances to the most charming traditional tunes, you can count on it your parents will join in too. So choose your finest clothes, our dancing master is ready!


Tickets from € 8.00


  • Dansmeester
    Lieven Baert