The Return of Ulysses

  • Copyright Johan Persson
  • Copyright Johan Persson


The Return of Ulysses

From 07/11/2013 in Ghent

Endless waiting

It took the Greeks ten years to capture Troy, and the wanderings of Odysseus, King of Ithaca, lasted another ten years after that. For twenty years his wife Penelope waited for his return. This is the subject of The Return of Ulysses: Penelope’s endless wait and the pressure she is under from her power-hungry suitors. The queen tries to hold her own in this hopeless situation with the help of the gods.
‘Injecting light into dark, Spuck takes others from the ancient Greek narrative… Providing comic foil to tragedy, they lighten the load, as do the popular 1950s and 60s recordings punctuating the 17th-century Purcell soprano notes.’ (2009 Edinburgh International Festival, The Guardian)

CHOREOGRAFIE Christian Spuck / MUZIEK Henry Purcell + songs uit de jaren ’40-’50-’60 / SOPRAAN Lenka Brazdilikova / DRAMATURGIE Jens Schroth / DECOR- EN KOSTUUMONTWERP Emma Ryott / LICHTONTWERP Peter van Praet


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- Sa 9/11 at 19h15
- Su 10/11 at 14h15