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Friend types

For the 2011–2012 season you can choose from these categories:

  • Young Friends (<30) €25 solo / €40 duo
  • Friends €40 solo / €60 duo
  • Support members €250 / duo
  • Protect members €500 / duo

A Friends membership is synchronous with the Flanders Opera season, i.e. from September to July.

Support members (type €125) and protect members (type €250) with a still valid membership continue to enjoy the advantages connected to this membership type until the end date specified on the membership card. 

How can you sign up to become a Friend?


You can sign up by sending us an email and transferring your membership fee to the Friends of Flanders Opera account:
IBAN BE 13 4111 1021 5139 BIC KREDBEBB
with specification of ‘Membership + category + your name’

We will send a confirmation with your membership card(s) immediately. You will also be included in our distribution lists so that you won't miss anything. A Friends membership is not tax deductible. Your direct donation to Flanders Opera is.

For more information regarding Friends of Flanders Opera, please contact our co-ordinator:
Pascale Lucq /  03 202 10 77 /